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What is A Flash of Inspiration?
Its a 1Gb flash drive, filled with 16 movie clips from Radical Lighting's exclusive new range of video content. There are currently 6 volumes to choose from and more will be added soon.

These clips have been designed using Radical technology and offer value for money as well as fresh, innovative designs.

Uniquely designed for use with media servers, the handy flash drive can be plugged into your usb port wherever you are.

All volumes are tailored to work perfectly with the features in PixelDrive, NG and VideoDrive and can also be used in any other application.

Choose from the following volumes: (click to see previews)

Volume 1 - Mirror balls
From the full wonder of the mirror ball in all its glory, to zany effects and perspectives.

Volume 2 - Particles
Organic, animated particles of all shapes, sizes and colours.


Volume 3 - Paint Factory
Abstract, brightly coloured wallpaper effect clips.




Volume 4 - Colour Cycles
Mesmorising, colourful movements.


Volume 5 - Greyscale Cycles
Greyscale, abstract patterns.


Volume 6 - The Paul Barker Collection - Part 1
Exclusively from the renowned video and lighting designer Paul Barker.
16 varied clips including fire, explosions and kaleidascopes.