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What is RADlite NG?
The NG series is a range of dynamic image and video manipulation modules that combine innovative technology and functionality with superb effects.

This exclusive collection of "click and fit" media server software applications offer a broad spectrum of streamlined products, each specialising in a different display requirement. Each NG operates as a stand-alone system in addition to merging with its associate NG members to act as a bespoke "build your own" media server.
The latest feature of the NG series id that the brand new PixelDrive 2 product, designed to control multiple RGB fixtures is now part of the NG series.

All NG modules utilise advanced keystoning functions and edge blending solutions for optimum professionalism.

Why NG?
Firstly because by using our products, you will benefit from our years of experience in developing media server products.

By choosing RADlite NG you will benefit from:

  • Modular design making for a streamlined product that can reduce budget requirements.
  • DMX, midi or PC driven allowing ultimate freedom of choice.

  • Utilise edge blending for multiple output displays and reduce the number of systems needed.
  • A huge media library that comes supplied as standard and adding your own media is simple.
  • Reliability and stability.
  • Ability to import show files from personal products
  • Excellent service and an experienced team that is always happy to help.



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