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Why PixelDrive?
By choosing PixelDrive you will benefit from our years of experience in developing media server products.

When you use PixelDrive, you will enjoy:

  • A reduction in programming time to minutes rather than days.
  • Dramatically reduced DMX allocation, allowing the use of more LED fixtures.
  • A huge media library that comes supplied as standard and adding your own media is simple.
  • Reliability and stability.
  • Products to suit all budgets.
  • Excellent service and a team that is always happy to help should your requirements be different from our set product list.

What is PixelDrive 2?

PixelDrive 2 uses all of PixelDrive's powerful mapping qualities and adds new functionality and heaps of enhancements.
Perhaps the most significant change is that it incorporates a video output to easily map to those LED fixtures that need a video signal in.

PixelDrive 2, is also available in a Personal Edition, which can be run from a PC laptop.

For more info about PixelDrive 2 and PixelDrive 2 Personal Edition click_here.

To download a free evaluation version of PixelDrive 2 Personal Edition click_here

What is PixelDrive?

PixelDrive is widely recognised as the first commercially available software to harness modern computing power to export video content onto LED arrays.
Media is mapped onto each LED fixture, allowing freedom from long hours of programming.
PixelDrive can be controlled via PC, midi or DMX controller. Intricate sequences can be manipulated effortlessly and sent to any multiples of LED products using ethernet to distribute up to 256 universes of DMX.